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Autora: Eloísa Colás Sanz Área : Inglés
Correo-e : Nivel : 3º ESO




London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom. There you can find places like the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye; but, did you know that:

London is the most populous city in the European Union with a population of 7.7 million?

More than 300 languages are spoken?

There are 13 ethnic groups?

Is the 4th city in the world by number of millionaires?

Has the oldest and largest metro system in the world, dating from 1863?

We are going to get to know it better and you will discover new sites to enjoy this city. Perhaps you will visit it soon!



























To give an oral presentation of the different museums, art galleries, monuments and places you have explored. You will use PowerPoint tool.

London is a large city, so we are going to divide it in four parts, and we will discover its wonderful sites little by little. Let´s go for number one!

First, we are going to organise the teams and their tasks. You will be in twos and the places to explore and the pages to visit are:


The Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben


The Tate Gallery


Buckingham Palace


The London Zoo



The Victoria and Albert Museum

The British Museum


The Natural History Museum


Westminster Abbey


And, why not? ...Shopping in London,


As you know there is a lot of information in museums and historical buildings, so to make things easier you are going to fill in a grid which includes the following questions:


For monuments/historical buildings


Short history/ interesting facts about it

Photographs of the place


For museums, art galleries and London Zoo


Structure of the place: how it is organised

Your favourite room/area

Photographs of the building and the room/area you have chosen. Remember that you have to explain why this is your choice.


For the shopping team:

Shopping Zone

Name of the most important department stores in the area

Your favourite one and its structure

Photographs of the place


But still there are two people left. This team is going to organise a 3-day tour for all of you, and will be our tour guides:

First, you will have to create a chart of each place which includes:


Transport, how to get there.

Opening hours.

Prices and discounts (students and groups)

Secondly, you will organise a two days tour including:

Places to visit in the morning

Places to eat and have a rest (e.g. parks)

What to do in the afternoon

Evening activities.

You will show the itinerary on a London Map and also photographs of the places to rest and eat.

You can surf these pages:

The different tasks will be given to the teams by lot, so GOOD LUCK! You may always negotiate your luck, though.



An oral presentation about the place you have explored, using Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word.