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The Advanced English Curriculum states that at First and Second level of Compulsory Secondary Education, teachers should focus on three literary genres: poetry, prose and drama. Furthermore, they should provide activities which help students transform a text from one genre to another and explore the ways Literature could be put to use and the different skills that can be worked on depending on the approach.




In 2010, within the Advanced Spanish Curriculum, the poetic genre was selected for 1st. ESO bilingual students to achieve the following purposes:

  • Listening to a poem will help students recognize metre, rhythm, rhyme and alliteration, which will in turn help to consolidate some of the rhetorical and stylistic devices that are included in the Spanish Language Programme
  • Pre-teaching vocabulary is often necessary, but students will not need to have previously read the text.
  • Poems allow for activities in expansion, reconstruction, reduction, matching, etc.
  • Production and recital can also be elicited.
  • Audio support is essential when working with poetry.
  • (BCM, p.25)

    As this quotation pinpoints, poetry not only enables students to familiarize with literary devices that are already part of their curriculum, but can also pave the way for a further practise of the four abilities any foreign language requires: reading, writing, listening and speaking.