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Structures made of drinking straws

Developed by Students in Ramiro de Maeztu

The proposed project related to the lesson is the construction of a structure made up of drinking-straws. You have to take into account some basic ideas for a successful project.
  • Center properly the center of gravity of the object in order to make the structure stable and unlikely to fall down.
  • Make a structure of only straws and put them in triangles as you have seen in the pictures above. This will make the structure more resistant to external forces and strains will be better distributed.
Structure in 1B

Limitations to the construction

The general measures of the full construction must be up to: [Length: 30 cm] & [Wide: 20 cm] & [Height: 20 cm] & [Maximum weight: 0,5 kg].The construction has to be made with a flat top surface to allocate an external load in order to evaluate its efficiency rating. Yet, the structure can be whatever shape you decide and you have to decide the technical application of it. The construction has to be presented over a plywood board or over a fiberboard. To join every straw in the structure, thermal-fusible adhesive will be applied.
structure in 1C
You may use no more than 3 adhesive sticks for the construction. The used time to develop the documentation will be 2 class-days (it can be developed and written at home, too). The format of the documentation has to be as usual in Technology: a description of shapes and used materials and a draft drawing of the construction to be made. The time used to develop the object will be 6 class-days. This stage cannot be done at home but only in the Technology workshop. structure in 1D

Project Qualifications

The project qualification and assessment has two parts:
  • Documentation developed as a first stage. It has to be composed of a textual description of the structure shape, structure technical application and global measurements. This will be the 30% of the final mark
  • Built object. Some different marks will compose this qualification about the practical object.
a. The amount of used straws in the composition (10%).
b. The achieved efficiency rating (30%)
c. The aspect and position of straws in the structure in an organized and geometrical way (20%)
d. Your teacher will give you a final mark according to the general aspect of the structure and how the team has been well organized (10%)

structure in 1D