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IES Ramiro de Maeztu’s EBS students have been awarded as the best delegation in Global Classroom

Our students from IES Ramiro de Maeztu have carried out a brilliant role as UN ambassadors in Global Classrooms Conference under the supervision of Geography and History department Teacher Fabiola de Santisteban and our dear Fulbright assistant Amber Rogers. Two of our 3ºESO bilingual section students, Carmen Mas and Marta Aparicio won the Best Delegation award, one of the highest recognitions in the Conference.

Our high school participated, together with other 17 high schools from Madrid Region, being composed by a delegation of 12 students from 3º ESO group in the bilingual section. Carmen Mas has been selected among 216 students, with other 9 more students from other high schools, to take part of the Madrid Region delegation to visit ONU Conference in New York by May 2013.

Together with Carmen, the teacher of the Geography and History department, Fabiola de Santisteban, has been selected as well among Madrid Region teachers to visit United Nations meeting in New York.

What’s Global Classroom conference?

On 26th and 27th February, 2013, the eighth edition of the conference "Global Classrooms" was performed at the Teacher Training Center "Las Acacias" in Madrid. Over that period, 216 students from 18 bilingual high schools from Madrid Region were working as UN ambassadors in order to discuss a wide range of issues on the United Nations agenda.

Students were simulating General Assembly meetings and Development Program of the UN and, in English, were defending their positions about this year issues: "Protection of orphans and children"and "Water Resources".

The conference was sponsored by the U.S. Embassy, the Fulbright Commission and the Madrid Region Government. This year, the participating high schools have been: IES Laguna de Joaztel, IES Manuel de Falla, IES Joaquín Araujo, IES Isaac Albeniz, IES Prof. Max Trueba, IES Villa de Vallecas, IES Ciudad de Jaen, IES Jose Luis Sampedro, IES Parque Lisboa , IES San Juan Bautista, IES Ramiro de Maeztu, IES Fortuny, IES Ciudad de los Poetas, IES La Senda, IES Colmenarejo, IES Angel Corella, IES Marañón and IES Doctor Severo Ochoa.

More information about what happened in the Madrid conference has been posted in Amber Roger's blog site.

Thanks a million, Amber. Your help has been essential to achieve such a successful first participation.

Our teams in Global Classrooms 2013

The students attending the conference are as follows:

Jade Turner and Elena Prieto representing Israel

Alonso Campos and Jaime Cortizo representing Somalia

Sofía Prieto and Carmen Arribas representing Zambia

Andrea Santos and Pablo Littlewood representing Japan

Carmen Más and Marta Aparicio representing Indonesia

Mónica de la Cuesta and Brianda Turell representing South Korea

The team in the Madrid Region Parliament